Juvenile Dependency Attorney

Juvenile Dependency issues nearly always create havoc and cause pronounced division between the parents themselves and often between their minor children. Florida’s juvenile dependency laws, and the dependency court system, can be confusing, scary, and always frustrating! If you are in jeopardy of losing your children because of allegations of abuse, neglect or abandonment, you need an attorney who knows and understands dependency law and who will fight to protect your parental rights. You need an attorney who understands the dependency court process; how a case moves from the initial shelter proceeding (if the children have been removed from one parent or both) to arraignment and then to negotiation of a case plan; an attorney who can help you navigate the system and keep you on track. Attorney St. John will help you understand the process for getting your children back and will provide legal counsel each step of the way. This can include defending you against the State’s petition or coordinating with the State to create a case plan that will allow you to keep your children or get them back as quickly as possible. Whatever it takes to bring your family back together, Attorney St. John is dedicated to achieving that goal.