Family Law

The area of law known as Family Law encompasses a wide range of family related matters. To name a few:

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

Child Support

Timesharing (also referred to as “custody”)

Modifications of prior court orders

Equitable Distribution


Paternity Issues   and more

As is the case with most areas of law, family law statutes continually change and evolve. For example, recently the Florida Legislature has been reviewing and considering significant changes to the alimony statutes. It is expected that change is coming that will overhaul the area of alimony making it less complicated and more consistently applied.

Many people make the mistake of listening to the well-meaning advice of friends and family who may have been involved in a family law issue in the past and mistakenly believe that whatever happened in their case will apply to yours. Family law is complex and each person’s situation is unique. Trying to navigate the legal system without an attorney can lead to costly mistakes that have consequences that cannot be reversed.

At St. John Law we will provide you with the help and support you need to get through this difficult time. We have experience and knowledge of the law and we understand the anxiety and stress that you are feeling. Our goal is to minimize that stress for you and to protect your rights and to make sure that you understand all your options.

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