A Prenuptial Agreement, often called a “prenup”, can be a valuable tool to help protect your rights and your assets prior to or during a marriage. This is especially true when one or both parties to the marriage have children from a prior relationship or have accumulated substantial assets. Protecting one’s children and assets is a legitimate concern. A well drafted Prenuptial Agreement will determine in advance how assets and liabilities will be distributed if the marriage ends; the matter of alimony may also be addressed thereby perhaps heading-off any potentially unpleasant disagreements if the parties should divorce.

It is important that the attorney you choose is capable of drafting your Prenuptial Agreement so that it is both thorough and free of ambiguities and also fully protects your interests. The expense of preparing a Prenuptial Agreement can save you from costly and prolonged court battles and attorney’s fees down the road if the marriage should end.

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