Paternity Issues

Unmarried couples who have a child often mistakenly believe that the father’s signature on a birth certificate is all that is needed to establish paternity. However, a signature alone on a birth certificate will not establish the legal relationship that will ensure a father’s rights to matters such as custody and timesharing.

There are four specific avenues to establishing paternity when a child is born to unmarried parents:

  • When the child is born the parents can each sign a form called an Acknowledgment of Paternity
  • Genetic (DNA) testing
  • Marriage of the parents (paternity can be established by updating the birth certificate)
  • By a Judge through a court of law

             Florida statutory requirements must be strictly complied with in order to avoid permanently losing certain parental rights. This is a serious matter and you should strongly consider contacting an attorney who can explain the law, what your rights and responsibilities are and answer your legal questions. Please contact St. John Law at (407) 312-7051 to schedule a free initial consultation with Paternity Attorney Paul St. John.