Child Custody

What many people commonly refer to as “custody” is legally called Time Sharing in the state of Florida. Florida law strives to insure that after parents become separated the children are still able to have continuing and frequent visits with each parent.

The details of how each parent will share in the upbringing of their children are now addressed in great specificity in what is called a parenting plan. The parenting plan will include such issues as the day to day activities of the children, healthcare, school districts the children will attend, time sharing schedules including specific holidays and many other issues. If the parents can agree on the items covered in the parenting plan the Court will usually accept the plan as agreed; if they cannot agree, the Court will decide those issues that could not be agreed upon. Whether the parents are separating due to divorce or if it is a paternity matter, the parenting plan will become part of the Final Judgment and the parents will be ordered to comply. In all cases however, the Court will rule based on the best interest of the children.

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